Monday, 27 October 2014

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Weekend Style ~ SAMPLES

Oh the glorious feeling a Friday provides, that buzz of having 48 hours of freedom from a routine or expectation. It's one of those feelings we full time weekday workers fully grasp, the countdown can begin as early as a Monday afternoon.

I've had some glorious weekends of late: movie and game nights in, dining on mussels at Belgo's, girlie sleepovers, home furnishing shopping, baking choc chip and peanut butter cookies, leaf crunching strolls, flower market visits, lunches and coffee in Greenwich, Blackheath and Bromley not to mention browsing charity shop rails for Autumn/Winter gems.

I scored at a sample sale at work recently and bought this embellished top, pointy pumps and Diesel jeans all for less than the cost of a main meal at Pizza Express. Accompanied by my gold Vogue tote bag, a limited edition buy on the recent Vogue's Fashion Night Out in London (it came free with a years subscription).

I'm loving these Autumn days of cool air and blue skies ~ I find myself enjoying lazy mornings at home and leisurely afternoons out and about. How are you enjoying these Autumn days and where else should I let the wind take me to explore in London?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Cosmopolitan Magazine's #FASHFEST

A work highlight recently was being part of Cosmo Magazine's #FASHFEST ~ a week long event including catwalk shows, a pop up space, parties and exclusive shopping offers. It was great to showcase BrandAlley on this platform among other leading high street and online retailers. Here are a few favourite bits from me:

Sunday, 31 August 2014

News Feed inspired

Every so often my news feed on FB will nourish me with something that I'm glad I viewed or was informed by. Today Cosmo Mag got my attention with a '20 things to do in your twenties' feature. I especially enjoyed number 13 and I couldn't agree more:

13. Travel
"Live abroad. Take a year out. Take a few years out and teach English to children in Spain while you "decide what you want to to" (you've decided, it's this) or just go on a few EasyJet flights to Europe over some long weekends when you can afford it (further reading: point 5). See the bloody world and eat its beautiful cheese. You'll be better for it."

(Pics taken from my travels in Thailand 2013 - whilst volunteer English teaching at a secondary school.)

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Notting Hill Carnival

One event I was sad to miss out on during my travels last year was carnival. Something me and my friends take part in every year! Here are some pics to summarize our involvement in this fantastic celebration last weekend, which included more paint than ever and thankfully the bluest of skies.

My outfit included a handmade floral crown with wildflowers, customized carnival tee and my oversized Pull&Bear check shirt.

Did anyone else attend carnival this year? For those interested in joining our band next year to party, enquire on their Facebook page here.